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Wouldn’t the SAT and ACT be easier, if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Wouldn’t the SAT & ACT be easier if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Imagine reading two or even three times faster than you read currently with better comprehension.  This 6-hour course is very effective, and the results are permanent.  Classes are held 1 on 1 (three 2-hour sessions) with Coach Wilson, and are scheduled at a time that is convenient to you.  Imagine reading this letter twice as fast as you're reading now!

The Backdrop

Most people read the same way they were taught as a child – from letter-by-letter, to word-by-word. This translates into a SLOW reader!

I’ve heard many people comment that they actually “say” the words in their heads as they read (called “sub-vocalization”). Consequently, the average person is doomed to reading only slightly faster than he can speak – roughly 200-250 words per minute.

The good news is that these types of problems are easily fixed with professional help.

By eliminating sub-vocalization, and incorporating some other techniques to improve your reading speed, you’ll be amazed at how fast you can read. Most students experience gains that translate into reading between 2 and 4 times faster than they’re currently reading - with better comprehension levels.

The Theory

Learning to read faster with better comprehension is not rocket science. My system is oriented around the truth that your eye is drawn to motion. By tapping this truth to its full potential, I will teach you how to at least double your reading speed permanently, and improve your comprehension at the same time.


Skimming doesn’t work, and reading is more than an “eye exercise.” After the course, you will be able to read with complete comprehension at the pace you used to skim with – maybe EVEN faster! The improvement in your reading speed and comprehension is permanent!

The Speed Reading course is conducted in a 1 on 1, or small group environment. Please call the office to schedule.

The Benefits Of Reading Faster

Speed Reading Course $395

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