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Wouldn’t the SAT and ACT be easier, if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Wouldn’t the SAT & ACT be easier if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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The Great Divide

It doesn’t take long to see what I call “The Great Divide” thanks the SC School Report card (which reports on the number of students that have a 3.0 GPA, but lack an 1100 on the SAT). This number is representative of the students that will not qualify for the $5,000 SC Life Scholarship.

Qualifying for the Life Scholarship is very important since SC has one of the highest college in state tuition rates in the country. (Did you know that Clemson is THE most expensive state supported school in the Southeast? Carolina is the 4th most expensive school in the Southeast).

Qualifying for the $5,000 SC Life Scholarship is paramount in making college “within striking distance” of affordability. Personally, I keep waiting for the day when parents will “balk” at the price tag of these outrageously expensive state supported schools (Clemson, and USC), and go elsewhere. If this were to happen enough times, Clemson and USC would lower their costs to attract more demand. Currently, however, at $24,000 per year, these schools are outside of the realm of possibility for most families whose child fails to qualify for the $5,000 Life Scholarship.

Now, at the best schools in the state, 1 out of every 4 students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher fails to score an 1100 or higher in the Critical Reading and Math Sections on the SAT (forfeiting this scholarship money). At average schools, the number of students failing to qualify because of the SAT score is far greater (approaching 1 out of 2 students).

Because the SC Life scholarship represents $5,000 in annual scholarship money for every SC resident to go to college ($20,000 over 4 years), we MUST NARROW the gap in “The Great Divide” if we are serious about getting our kids into college. Failing to do so may compromise your own retirement ---- (assuming you borrow from retirement to pay the cost of college, or stop investing for retirement during the years your children are in school).

As someone who makes a living teaching students how to dramatically increase their SAT score, I’m both excited and frustrated by “The Great Divide.”

I’m excited because I know that my course is making a difference. Every year 100-150 kids come through our Live SAT/ ACT Prep Course and improve their SAT score by an average of 100-190 points per student. Another 800 - 1000 attend our day long high school workshops and experience a targeted improvement of 70 points. Without this training, many of these same students would not be receiving the SC Life Scholarship, so we know our efforts are making a difference. That being said, I’m also frustrated because I could be helping many more students improve their scores - and there are a lot of them out there.

My message to you is simple. I want you to get the credit for improving your students’ SAT score by enrolling your child in our course, and spreading the word about the job I do when other parents or students ask about putting additional points on their SAT scores.

I know that your high school probably offers an in house SAT prep class that students can take as part of their every day course work. I find that many parents like to get additional help in this area. I also find that a significant number of kids don’t take the school’s SAT prep course because they assume that they won’t have a problem getting the score they need. Then in November of their Senior year, they realize that there is a problem; but the school sponsored SAT Prep class is already half over, they cannot enter it mid-term, and they aren’t aware of other options like my course. Also, I don’t think the school sponsored classes are nearly as effective as I am in generating the performance enhancement students desire. Do they promise to return your fee if your score doesn’t improve?

Here’s some information about the course that I offer at Carolina College Prep. I teach SAT preparation to the masses. Test prep and college placement is my full time job. It’s my profession, and like all professionals; I take my job seriously. My course is priced so that the average family can afford it. If the student’s score does not improve the second time through the course, I’ll refund their money.

Does it work? I’d say so. Since 1997, I’ve taught over 1,000 students in our Live SAT/ ACT Prep Course, and only 10 students failed to improve their score the first time through the course. That’s well over a a 99% first time success rate through the course. Students may also re-take the course an unlimited number of times without paying an additional fee. On the New SAT, most student’s improve their SAT score between 100 and 190 points after taking my course. Many students experience score improvements of 250 points or more.

With proper training, every child with an above average GPA can have an above average SAT score, and qualify for the $5,000 SC Life Scholarship. Anything you can do to help me help you reduce “The Great Divide” will be greatly appreciated.

¨ I think our daughter is another one of your success stories. She took the SAT and got 1260 and 1390! The 1390 was soon after completing your course. The 1390 plus her placement in class (#6) got her the Fellows scholarship and another $3,000 from USC school of music. She stays at home and commutes to school, so she actually is getting paid about $1500 per year to go to USC! - J. Myers

¨ Bryce is doing well. He did his first year at The Citadel during the 2008-2009 school year. He improved around 100 points each time he went through your course, and ended up scoring 1150 on the SAT. - Michael Reese

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