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Wouldn’t the SAT and ACT be easier, if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Wouldn’t the SAT & ACT be easier if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Your Not Done Yet ~ Still More WorkshopTestimonials

“ Great class!  I learned so many new things that will greatly improve my score!  Thanks! - Abbie Marbert

“ This really helped me because I had no idea how to do any of the Math problems you covered until today.  - Lea Gossett

“ You made it interesting!   - Julia Stuart

“ Um, I liked this course.  Thank you ;)  You’re so funny and helpful! - Jessica Sandifer

“ I’m excited to use the skills I learned when I take the SAT again. - Caysie Smith

“ I can honestly say that I am more confident with my algebraic ability and understanding of mathematics having been in the workshop.  Looking at Algebra as piecing together something broken and relating it to real numbers as opposed to the alphabet was really cool.  - Weston Ryan

“ The workshop was fantastic.  It was a lot of fun.  Coach Wilsonreally knows what he’s talking about.  Ask him about his black belt in ‘vomit avoidance.”   - William Brown

“ This is the first workshop I’ve ever been to so I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m excited about everything I learned!  - Ally Weddle

“ I really enjoyed the workshop!  It helped strengthen my math skills.  Coach Wilson was very kind, and explained things well.  - Morgan Dowden

“ I’m a junior in high school and most of the math problems would have confused me, but now I know what to expect, and best of all I can work them.  - Zack Shephard

“ This class was a great help for me.  All students need to take it.  - Caleb Bishop

“ I hate math class - and math in general, but this workshop was so helpful and I stayed interested the whole time.  Ask him about his black belt.  - Laura Cox

“ I really enjoyed the class.  Coach Wilson made it fun, and it helped a lot too.  - Jonathan Scotten

“ GREATTTTTTT!   - Bailey Lawless

“ This workshop was informative without begin boring.  I really learned a lot and I didn’t feel like falling asleep once!  - Moriah Melvin

“ I really enjoyed learning while still having fun.  I think the idea of bringing even the most difficult math to a 4th grade level is going to help me the most.  I wish we could have spent more time on geometry; too bad we ran out of time.  - Christina Saylor

“ Well, I feel more confident about my math techniques now.  - Scarlett Kass

“ Before this workshop, I had pretty much decided that the SAT wasn’t the test for me, and I could only do the ACT (not that my ACT scores were good or anything), but now I can’t wait to take the SAT!  Breaking down the problems REALLY helps ~ especially the 2 Right to Be Wrong Problems!  - Rachel Proctor

“ I liked the workshop ~ it helped me out a lot.  - Joseph Kass

“ Definitely believe this day is going to add points in the math section and help me get a higher score.  - Joshua Hawes

“ I learned a lot during the workshop and feel like my score will be affected positively since I’m going to be using all of these new techniques.  - Brittany Walsh

“ This workshop was very helpful to me, and I recommend it to anyone who needs a higher SAT score.  - Leatha Minichan

“ Definetely fun, and a learned some great math solutions to a lot of SAT problems.  - Madison King

“ Thank you Coach Wilson.  I appreciate your time, and help!  You do a wonderful job.  - Emily Andrews

“ Coach Wilson is a great teacher and helped me learn a lot today.  He’s also pretty funny sometimes.  - Tyler Davis

“ I found this workshop to be very helpful because my math is the hardest part for me.  I know that part of my score will increase greatly due to this class.  - Haily Harris

“ I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, and look forward to more courses with Coach Wilson in the future.  - Emilee Evans

“ Wow!  Thank you for coming to our school.  Your program really helped me get my hands around the Math part of the SAT.  - Greta Seay

“ Thanks for the workshop.  This really helped me improve my skill set.  - Anna Paul

“ Thank you for coming and helping us.  I plan to see an improvement on my math SAT score next time I take it.  - Ashlyn Hatcher

“ Thank you for coming to our school and helping us prepare for the SAT.  Every course I have taken from C.C.P. (Carolina College Prep) has helped me immensely.  - Sarah Fitzgibbon

“ Talk about ‘putting the pieces together.’  This class really helped me by explaining what algebra real was, and how to apply it to every day life.  - Makalai Sweat

“ Beautifully done workshop!  - Brandon Huff

“ Thank you for coming all the way to our school.  I’m planning on doing a lot better on my next SAT!  - Kathryn Brown

“ Ever since I can remember, math has been the weakest subject for me.  Your explanations have been very helpful today.  I expect to score higher on this section next time thanks to your help.  - Ansley Hamer

“ Very interesting and beneficial.  - Chayce McDowell

“ Whew ~ I’m tired but I learned a lot.  - Samuel Brown

“ Well one thing is sure:  I learned how to work a lot of problems I had no clue how to even start before, and I had fun in the process.  - Emilie Martin

“ This course helped a lot and I look forward to your future workshops.  - Matt Jordan

“ Jon Wilson is awesome!  I’d heard about him from my friends that had been to his course or workshops before, and I admit, he’s funny and knows what he’s talking about.  - Billy Prutzman

“ Coach Wilson is the best SAT Prep teacher!  I learned a lot within just one day, and I feel confident that my SAT scores are going to be higher.  His way of approaching the math problems is very helpful.  - Kylee Sullivan

“ I feel like I learned more in this 1 day class than I did in the last 3 years of math in school.  - Joy Price

“ The workshop was really well organized, and beneficial.  I think it will help me on the SAT.  -  Brittany Powell

“ Good class Coach!  P.S.  You look like Steve Corell.  - Trevor Williams

“  Coach Wilson is awesome.  He is also a Gamecock fan, and for that I give him extra points!  - Will Brown

“ Really a good help.  I’m much more confident about taking the SAT after doing this workshop.  - Margaret Dorn

“ You know the simple truth is that the man managed to keep an 8-hour lecture on the SAT manageable, informative, and entertaining.   - Benjamin Crawford

“ So helpful.  The math ideas were very creative and useful.  I feel confident.  - Noelle Kruse

“ This was a great educational experience.  I really liked how he broke every problem down and explained it, showed us his technique, and examples of the same problem form showing up on actual SATs.  I’m glad I attended - even if it did come on the last two days of summer.  - Sarah Dowdeswell

“ Fun.  It was definitely fun, and it helped me build a lot of confidence in the process.  - Joelyn Ferder

“ The ‘big takeaway’ (he said that phrase a thousand times ~ lol) for me is being able to understand questions and what they’re asking.  I typically misunderstand the questions, but now I have a systematic approach to every problem on the SAT.  Thanks for coming to Richland Northeast!  - Greer Stewart

“ Helped me understand the Math so much better.  I feel relieved knowing I can work the problems I saw last time that seemed so hard.  - Igra Tabassum

“ This class was worth the money and hopefully will raise my SAT scores in bunches.  - Celie Garrick

“ New understanding doesn’t even begin to describe!  I even look smarter!  - Megan Cielo

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