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Wouldn’t the SAT and ACT be easier, if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Wouldn’t the SAT & ACT be easier if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Isn’t Speed-Reading just a glorified “skimming” technique?

No. After the course, you will read significantly faster, and still be reading every word on the page. During the course, most students learn to read word for word at speeds they previously skimmed at before the course.

Doesn’t Speed-Reading require a high degree of intelligence?

No. Anyone with basic reading skills can learn and apply the tools I will teach you during the course. The minimum recommend age to begin speed reading is 13.

I’ve heard that Speed-Reading reduces my comprehension.

Not true with my system – although probably true with other systems out there. With my approach, the faster you read, the better your comprehension. This is just the opposite of what you’d expect. Using my system, you’ll find that increasing your reading speed will significantly increase your comprehension and concentration. You will not only be able to read a lot faster, but you will have better comprehension in the process. The process makes reading a novel more like watching a movie - as the action happens much quicker, and engages the brain more deeply as a result (resulting in better comprehension). It is a true “win-win” situation.

Does Speed-Reading take a lot of study and practice?

No. You will learn all of our techniques by the end of the 6 hour course (broken down into three 2-hour sessions over a 3 week period), and continue to practice them every time you read the newspaper, your homework assignment, etc.

I’ve heard that Speed-Reading will not permanently change my reading speed.

Not true. Your improvements are permanent as long as you continue to use the techniques taught in the course. I don’t expect this to make sense to you now, but just trust me when I tell you that you will be able to “turn it on” and “turn it off” with a flick of the wrist.

The Speed Reading course is conducted 1 on 1, or small groups. Please call to schedule.

Cost: $395.

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Speed Reading Course $395

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