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Wouldn’t the SAT and ACT be easier, if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Wouldn’t the SAT & ACT be easier if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Still More Testimonials from Workshop Students

¨ Coach I used the “2 Right to be Wrong” technique you taught in the workshop to knockout a 1240 on the SAT! Thanks so much. - Elizabeth Glenn

¨ This guy absolutely ‘owns’ next to the guy who was coming to our school before. - Will Curtis

¨ This workshop was even better than the one you did last spring. I like the way the stuff you cover in the workshop seems to change depending on the questions you expect to see on the next SAT. - Jieke Zhou

¨ Coach Wilson, this class helped me a lot on my math skills. - Anna Nash

¨ This was my second time through the workshop, and I learned even more this time, but I would have liked to have worked more on functions when you talked about Geometry. - Shiloh Burgreen

¨ This class is very helpful, and informational, and I enjoyed it. - Micah Godwin

¨ This class showed me many good techniques to solve some very complex problems on the SAT. - Omar Ansari

¨ GREAT! I learned so much about the SAT., and I know my score is going to jump. I also like the way you demonstrated how some popular SAT techniques, like “K_____’s Backfilling Method,” don’t actually work on the SAT. You really know your stuff. - Leah Ott

¨ I got the most out of the techniques you taught for Critical Reading Passages. I’d been trying to use a strategy I’d heard from the other guy that used to come here before you, and was just terrible at it. Now with your approach, I’m much better. - Sounita Campbell

¨ I liked the “Fixed Exchange.” I can see that helping me get more problems right, and a lot faster too. - Kasey Inman

¨ Great teacher who really helped me. I will probably gain the most points from the “Restricted Exchange.” - Briana Carroway

¨ This workshop was very helpful, and showed me how to work out problems in a much easier way. - Keliease Murray

¨ I was not too excited about the workshop going into it, but I’ve got to say that it was a pretty descent experience. I’m definitely using your “Eliminator” techniques for the Critical Reading Section. - Vi Muller

¨ The Critical Reading was a big plus for me! - Chris Boyer

¨ This was a good class, and I learned a lot. It was worth the money I spent. - Charlie Keely

¨ He is very helpful. I wish we could have done more Geometry though. - Michael Hatchell

¨ This class was very helpful. It helps more than years of math class. I wish my Math teachers taught this way. - Natalie Cook

¨ I know that the “Structure Clue” (Sentence Completion Technique) is going to do wonders for my Critical Reading score. - Danielle Robinson

¨ Showing examples that we’ll see on Saturday on the SAT was really neat. It was a great workshop, so take advantage of it when he comes to your school. - Britain Twitty

¨ This session helped me a whole lot. It made my skills improve and gave me a chance to really understand the problems I was having trouble with. - Dana Barnes

¨ This (workshop) really helped me out with things I didn’t understand on the first SAT I took. I give this guy five stars! - Steven Andrews

¨ It was a long workshop, but I know it was worth it, and it will pay off when I get my SAT scores! - Genesis Newmen

¨ For me I think this was important, and its really going to help me when I take the SAT again - Geneva Hames.

¨ I enjoyed the workshop. I learned how to work the problems that were impossible for me last time, and what I need to focus on in order to improve my SAT score. - Jasmin Jones

¨ This workshop was very helpful. It showed me an easier method to work these SAT problems. I’m definitely gong to use these methods on my next SAT. - Sedoni Sullivan

¨ I am not good at math at all, but because of this workshop, I will now have the techniques I need to get a better score in math!  I’m no longer terrified to take the SAT again. - Natalie Hilley

¨  A 70 point score increase for me will be the minimum improvement after this workshop!  I can’t wait!  Preston Stone

¨Jonathan, thanks for making me feel more confident about the SAT!  Because of the system you taught me, I know I can do better now!!!  Thanks again Patrick McKnight

¨This SAT workshop was extremely helpful, and worth every penny I paid to come.  - Hunter Hayes

¨I enjoyed the workshop.  I feel that it will be helpful to me on the SAT.  The 2 Right 2 Be Wrong problem was very good.  I was weak in that area, and now I can work all of them.  I know I will leave the SAT tomorrow with a higher score.  - Jasmine Brown

¨Very informative and helpful.  Coach Wilson brings a new perspective to the whole SAT.  - Josh Dominguez

¨I really liked the workshop, and since I’m taking the SAT tomorrow, I what I learned today will improve my score.  - Kiana Eaddy

¨Very helpful, and I enjoyed the Critical Reading Section.  I wish we had time to cover all three categories of the Math Techniques instead of just two.  - Chance Taylor

¨This was great!  I learned a lot of new things that I will use on the next SAT.  Michaela Etneridge

¨Coach taught with a great deal of enthusiasm and humor.  I was not bored at any point in the workshop.  The whole process to exchange the variable will definitely increase the amount of problems I can work on the Math section.  I had never thought of it that way. -  Meghana Ras

¨In just a day, my eyes were opened to all sorts of new techniques that i know will help improve my SAT score.  - Kalea Jackson

¨This workshop really made everything I thought was so difficult on the Sat much easier.  I loved all the shortcuts and strategies ~ especially the Structure Clue in the Critical Reading Section. - Lakeeshia Townsend

¨This class was way more helpful than I thought it would be when I signed up for it.  - Emily Long

¨Come back to Wilson High School next semester to help me some more!  - Robert Dawson

¨This is a good workshop to take the day before the SAT because it gives you a really quick review of all the material, and simple ways to work all the problems.  - Jacques Matthew

¨I would not have known half of this stuff going in to the test, so thank you!  - Shelby Lambert

¨I enjoyed today, and learned a lot.  Thank you very much.  - Cameron Billard

¨I think this workshop is the bomb.  It was very informative and full of techniques that are going to help my score.  - Alex Czechner

¨This is my second time through, and I really enjoy this workshop.  It’s a little different every time, so there’s always something new to learn.  - Katie Lewis

¨I learned a ton!  Stephen Sodano

¨I think this workshop is going to make my Math score jump!  - Halli Daniel

¨Coach is an awesome teacher, and he gave me some great explanations.  I could not compete any of the Math problems before.  He was super!  -  Caroline Granger

¨He taught me a whole new way to look at the SAT.  I would have never thought of any of those ideas before.  - Abby Garrity

¨I usually have trouble trying to focus on the Critical Reading Section, but through the information received in this workshop, I feel confident that I have learned something that will definitely help me focus better on the test.  - Brittany Mazrtin

¨This workshop showed me how to make problems easier to understand!  It opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about the SAT!  - Sydney Boyle

¨It was a great experience, and the techniques are so helpful.  I learned a lot thanks to Coach Wilson .  - Shanice Patterson

¨This really helped me, especially with my math.  I know I’ll do well on my SAT test.  I can fee it in my bones!  - Briana Carroway

¨I didn’t think that this class would be very fun or helpful, but it turned out to be very helpful and interesting.  - Jimmy Barner

“I’m so glad this workshop was offered at my school because I learned a lot that can translate into better scores on my SAT.  Cassandra Staley

¨This workshop really helped me.  It makes the math so much simpler so it goes much quicker than my old way of doing it.  - Kelly Farmer

¨Good class to take.  Should help you improve your scores.  - Brandon Turner

¨Best workshop ever.  If you want your test scores higher, this is the place to come. - Taylor Vinson

¨The most helpful SAT workshop that I’ve ever been to.  - Stephen Skracki

¨It answered so many of my math questions about the SAT.  - Nicole Kaminski

¨Coming to this workshop has boosted my confidence to go and do my very best on the SAT.  I’m sure that I can take the strategies that I have learned and use them to my full advantage.  I know my score will improve. - Danielle Robinson

“The math strategies were very helpful because I’m very bad at math.  I’m confident that I will make a good score on the SAT now. - Adria Simpkins

“The workshop was a good experience and definitely worth the cost and time. - Sarah Thatcher

“The material that Coach Wilson showed us was generally stuff we already knew; he just showed us easier ways apply that knowledge..  An easy example was the ability to use the “F.O.I.L formula” to actually multiply real numbers (instead of variables).  - Tabitha Wills

“My SAT workshop helped me get a better understanding an d what types of questions I’ll be asked to work.  - Tyler Stilp

“This was helpful in the Math; especially the simple way to work all the problems when the answer choices have variables in them.  - Nolan Sinclair

I didn’t get a good night’s sleep the night before (I was planning on sleeping through the whole thing), but I quickly realized that this stuff was going to help, so let me say that the SAT workshop is a great study aid that can affect your SAT score, but it’s very tiresome if you didn’t get a good night’s sleep the night before.  - Teondra Coleman

“Very good help on figuring out how to set up all the hard problems for Math. - Trevor Kauffman

I’m a slow learner, but you stuck with me (thanks for that).  It’s worth it!  Go, and your score will thank you for it.  - Madison Anderson

Excellent class, and it helped me a lot.  The only topic I had trouble with was the Restricted Exchange, but my buddy said you come here every semester, so I’m sure I’ll get it next time.  - Jake Hamrick

“This class helped tremendously in my math, and improved my outlook on Math in general ~ not just on the SAT.  - Brice Helms

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