Wouldn’t the SAT & ACT be easier if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Wouldn’t the SAT & ACT be easier if you could

solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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We need the following information to complete your registration.  This is very important.

  1. Student name
  2. Parent’s preferred email address
  3. Emergency Phone Number (to get in touch with you if your student gets sick in the Live SAT/ ACT Prep Course, etc.)
  4. High School Attended by Student
  5. Student’s Projected Graduation Year
  6. Baseline SAT score (highest Critical Reading & Math sectional scores so far)
  7. How did you hear about us?

Please complete the information and submit via email to jwilson@carolinacollegeprep.com by clicking here.  You will hear from us shortly via email eafter confirming your registration, etc.).

Live Course Disclosures (print for your records):  

Refund requests for students are very rare.  If you make sure your child upholds his end of the contract, your child’s SAT score will go up.  Please make sure you are familiar with the following information.

Common reasons students fail to improve their scores in our Live SAT/ ACT Prep Course ~ for which Carolina College Prep is not responsible.  We have not had many failures (only 10 since 1999), but they all had one of more of these traits in common:

A. The Student only takes the course 1 time.  You need to take the course at least twice, to qualify for the Score Increase Guarantee and the SAT immediately following each course experience).  There is no charge for retaking the course, under the Unlimited FREE Course Retake Provision ~ and kids are encouraged to retake the course as many times as possible.  Most kids come through the full course 2 - 3 times, and take 3 or 4 SATs in the process.

B.  The Student does not take the SAT in close proximity to their SAT Preparation efforts.

C.  The Student allows significant periods of time to pass between course experiences.  Ideally, if a student enrolls in the January SAT course, he would continue to take the SAT Course, and the SAT, until he achieves his target score.  If a student enrolls in the January SAT course, takes the SAT, and then waits until the October SAT Course to take the course and SAT again, problems may occur because the student will have forgotten all of the things we taught them the first time through the course.  The result is that the second course experience does not ‘build’ on the foundation of the first course experience ~ and limits the upside potential for score increases.

D.  The Student does not take regular (daily) advantage of the additional opportunities outside the confines of the live course.  These opportunities would be: working practice problems in his syllabus, spending time watching the videos posted in the Online SAT/ACT Prep University, reading the O.Henry shot stories, playing the free games that we downloaded on your student’s phone, etc.  

Vocabulary:  We do not spend much time on vocabulary in the context of the course, because it is such an easy thing to do on the student’s own time, and easy words are tested in context on the test.  O.Henry short stories are very helpful to the student trying to master vocabulary in context.  

The problems in the syllabus must be mastered.  So often, I see struggling students with all of the problems in their syllabus worked.  Then I simply hand them fresh, unworked problems ~ identical to the ones in their syllabus ~ and discover that they cannot work any of them.  The student must recognize that just because a problem is worked one time in their syllabus, does not mean that the student has mastered the problem; far from it.    

The Online SAT/ACT Prep University is a great resource.  Currently there are over 24 hours of video (more being added weekly), discussing countless SAT problems in every discipline of the SAT; many of which are not covered in the context of a regular course.  In addition to video, there are full length practice SATs available for download (which have been completely broken down ~ so students can ‘see’ exactly how many of our problems show up on every SAT).  For highest score improvements, significant time must be spent in the Online SAT/ACT Prep University.   

As to homework, generally, course repetitions will provide the necessary practice for a student, but if the student can work a little bit on his own (reworking the problems we worked in class), it will only help reinforce what he has learned in the course, and increase the likelihood of generating a score improvement the first time through the course.  This is especially when the student’s SAT score is below the national average.

E.  Students NEVER log onto the Online SAT/ACT Prep University to maximize their learning potential.  

F.  The Parent(s) fail to keep Carolina College Prep informed of the Student’s progress.  Parents must keep Carolina College Prep updated as to their child’s score improvement through the course ~ especially if the student fails to improve the first time though the course ~ so that we can give them the attention they need to get the score improvement they deserve.

Valid Refund Request Procedure.  

Pertaining to the worst case scenario (happening less than 15 times since 1999): If after the second time through the course and the second attempt on the SAT, if your student’s SAT score still has not increased from his “baseline” score (the score he had before enrolling in our course), we will offer you a cash refund of your enrollment fee.

That said, we hate losing, and we would be determined to double our efforts on your student’s behalf, and continue to work with him to achieve his desired score improvement if he were willing to continue the fight with us. Not everyone wants to fight on though, so the refund is granted to those students.

Once a refund is requested, the student forfeits all said benefits listed within the Unlimited FREE Course Retake Policy, and any further SAT Prep assistance from Carolina College Prep.

Live Course Schedule.  The Live SAT/ ACT Prep Course Master Schedule is available on the website (Under the Heading “Live Course Schedule”).  Please print it out for your records.

Online SAT/ACT Prep University Disclosures:  

Confirmation of your student’s membership into our Online SAT/ACT Prep University will be sent to the email address of record with the following information.

User Name:  When established, your User Name will be:  studentfirstnamestudenlastname (all one word no spaces:  eg:  “johnsmith” ~ assuming “John Smith” is the student.).

Your student’s password will be:  password

Both the user name and password can be changed by the user after logging on.  Access to our Online SAT/ACT Prep University is found at the top of every page on the carolinacollegeprep.com website.  Click on the link in the top right hand corner that says, “Student Sign In.”  For your convenience, a direct link is included  here.

Next Contact:  

You will be receiving an email Welcome Packet (with specific steps as to “what comes next”) from us soon.

Print this page out for your records.