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Wouldn’t the SAT and ACT be easier, if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Wouldn’t the SAT & ACT be easier if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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“ He taught us information we kind of already knew, but put it in a form to help us better understand and apply it. - Ashley Guilleleau

“ It was a very good class, and well worth the time and money.  - Joshua Shorter

“ Helped me understand the math part better, and improved my confidence in that section.  - Brandon Slengman

“ It was a great experience! - Cameron Dunker

“ The workshop was awesome and helpful. - Evan Dunker

“ Extremely Helpful Workshop!!!!  - Ajay Kumar

“This was a great class to take - especially to improve your math score.  Cate Dopson

“This workshop is going to help me score well on the SAT.  - Tanner Bell

“This class was very helpful; mostly because of the way you taught us to approach the math section.  Math is not a strong suit for me, so that part really helped.  - Patrick Meyer

“It was taught a tad too fast, but there was a lot of ground to cover, so I’ll live.  I was happy I came and learned this ‘new’ way.  It’s very helpful.  - Rusty Scott

“These techniques were all very simple and easy ~ even for the hard questions, which is good for someone like me who has always struggled with standardized tests.  - Kayla Morris

“I didn’t know what to expect when my parents signed me up for the SAT workshop but after taking the class, I know what I’ll need to work on to maximize my score improvement.  The 4th grade math way to work the “2 Right to Be Wrong problem” - or whatever it is called - was great.  - Shelby Carpenter

“I learned a bunch of math stuff that I was confused about before.  To all my peeps, you should take this course to tighten up your SAT skillz, and learn some new stuff.  - Erin Cunningham

“The way to eliminate the Variables was very interesting, and very helpful.  Everything was clearly explained.  - Joel Farrar

“Thanks for teaching me an easier way to solve for variables other than the math class method. - Ryan Byrd

“Mr. Willllllsonnnn (lol) did a great job!  He made math easy for me.  - Caleb Dyar

“Everything you talked about helped me a lot today because I’m not very good at math.  I would say that the 2 Right to Be Wrong Problems were the most helpful.  I feel so much better about the SAT now.  - Emily Smith

“I’m so glad I spent my own money on this!  I feel like a genius, and can not wait to take the SAT!  I am very confident in my Math skill now.  I loved it!  - Cameron Driver

“I think the most helpful part of the thing was learning ‘what problems’ you are going to be asked on the SAT, and then how to pull in your own numbers and work the problems without any algebra.  - Caitlin Stone

“I really appreciate the approach you used.  Seeing the way you do math problems was neat, and it also helped me understand the typical math class approach too.  I liked the 2 Right to Be Wrong Problems. - Kenneth Williams

“I have a new way to do all the Math problems on the SAT!  - Theresa Melendez

“I learned a lot.  The math section is a weak spot for me, and Mr. Coach Wilson is a good teacher.  - Dalton Hendrix

“I really like the keys you showed us to recognize all the different types of problems.  Overal the day went really good, and I know it’s going to help me on the SAT.  - Travis Mills

“Take the workshop!  Hunter has spoken.  - Hunter Brinimer

“The different concepts he taught us were all really helpful, and I’m a bit more ready to take the test.  - Camille Mabley

“It was a good class, and I learned how to do two types of SAT Math problems that I could not work before today.  If he’s right, and I see each of them 4 - 6 times on the test, my score could be up between 80 and 120 points! - Nicholas Brown


“This was a great workshop, and it showed the simplest solutions to the hardest problems.  - Juan Lycea

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and felt that it was a big help for me on the SAT.  - Matt McCary

“I really enjoyed the workshop.  Learning to break the problems down and to dumb them down a little bit is going to be a big help in the math section.  - Caleb Y.

“Yesterday, I didn’t know how to work a lot of the math problems he showed us today.  Now I can work them quickly, and get them correct too.  I can’t wait to see how much this workshop improves my SATscore.  - Emily Sawyer

“This workshop was a major help to my understanding of the SAT Math problems.  I’m sure this is going to help me improve my score.  - Meghan Pasquale

“ALL of the Math we learned was great.  He makes everything soooo much more simple.  I’m glad my mom signed me up.  It was very helpful!  - Emily Hallman

“This workshop has helped me, and I do think that it will increase my score in the Math section when I take the SAT tomorrow.  - Robbie Grafton

“Well, the most helpful thing I learned in the workshop was how to solve the Open Exchange problems.  I would have had no idea how to work any of them, so I know I will do better when I take the test.  - Harrison Coleman

“Coach Wilson helped me understand how simple the Math can be with the right techniques.  - Brad Werts

“I think Coach did well with the time he had.  One day is not long enough for an SAT Workshop.  - Danielle Padgett

“Learning how to convert some of the harder problems to ones that require less time and effort was cool.  Overall the course is very helpful in improving scores, especially the Math score, in just a little amount of time.  - Daniel Middleton

“I really enjoyed this learning experience.  The new Math techniques that you taught will help out a lot on the SAT.  - Cooper Martin

“Never taking an SAT workshop before, I found this workshop very productive.  I’d like to take it again with the Critical Reading Section focused on next time.  - Lauren Nordin

“This workshop seriously boosted my confidence in the math.  It’s easy to gauge the improvement.  After we were finished with a problem everyone had gotten right using his technique, he’d ask, “Could you work this problem before the workshop?”  The answer was almost always “No” for everyone.  Lol  I feel very strong that my math score will increase tremendously.  - Zac Rita

The Restricted Exchange helped me the most.  Now I think I understand how to work the majority of the questions on teh SAT.  - Devin Bingham

“Well, I’m very good in math, so a lot of the stuff we worked, I already knew how to do, but it was still a very helpful workshop, because there were several types of problems I had no idea how to work before you explained them.  - Joseph Kitowicz

“This workshop has given me a lot to think about.  The sweet little quirks, and trapdoors they set in the Math section ~~~~ I had no idea they were so “tricksy.”  - Elsie Maechtle

“Thanks Coach Wilson!  This workshop will help me a lot on the SAT!  - Kierra Brown

“This guy is very good at what he does.  He really takes his time to answer people’s questions, and make sure everyone understands, by giving extra examples and help.  The part that is going to help me the most is the ‘Clock Thingy’ (her description of our way to determine any angle within  +/-6 degrees by eye)- Shanta Ashford

“He was great!  I understood everything that was explained today.  - Moesha Charles

“This workshop helped me to improve my math skills for the SAT.  I benefited from my time in this class.  - Veandera Harris

“I learned what well be on the SAT, and how to work the problems with simpler math.  - Iesha Williams

“Very helpful class with an experienced teacher that knew exactly how to help me.  - Charles Gaar

“He was very thorough, and he went through everything a fair pace.  He made sure we understood instead of just rushing through.  I loved the “Clock face” problems.  - Taylor Russell

“This class explained a lot of things I had questions on about the SAT that none of my other teachers seemed to have an answer for.  The “Plug and Play” will be most helpful.  - Melina Ortiz

“Very helpful guy, and interesting course.  The 2 Right to be Wrong Problems would have given me fits on the SAT if he hadn’t shown us how easy they could be.  Give Coach Wilson two Gold Stars!  - Matthew Josey

“For me, the Critical Reading Passages are the hardest to understand, but I think I will get better with practice.  The approach you taught in the math should help.  I thought my session was informative, and I will definitely use your techniques on the SAT.  - Zachary Smith

“The most helpful thing was the Gizmo Problem.  I would have been lost without his explanation to that type of problem.  The new approach to the long and short critical reading passages will also help.  What I was doing wasn’t working, and now things are running more smoothly in that section.  I was nervous about the test, but I’ve got more confidence now, because the workshop was such a help.  - Christine Mitchell

“Coming out of the workshop, I think there is fool-proof method to all the math questions.  I am probably weakest in the geometry, and I wish we could have spent even more time there.  Can you do that next time?  - Tanner Lewis

“This class was cool.  His interpretation of algebra is quite interesting.  The idea that there is an ‘old way’ to apply algebra to real numbers instead of leaving the variable “in” is something I had not ever considered.  I think it was a great learning experience, and great practice for the SAT.  - Rebecca Weaver

“I’ve got confidence now that I know a way to work all of the math equations ~ with a common technique that will always work.  - Lindsey Harris

“Thanks to the workshop I feel much more confident on the Math portion of the SAT.  I learned some new techniques, and remembered some old ones that I’d forgotten long ago.  - Spencer Tinkey

“Really helpful on how to identify and solve different types of difficult math problems on the SAT.  Easy to understand also.  - Caleb Glennon

“It was very beneficial.  Identifying the problems with the “keys,” and then working them with such easy math is going to be easy.  I wish we had time to cover the other Open Exchange Problem (Equation Chains).  - Holly Rittenberry

“The workshop was insightful and will help me a lot on the SAT.  I think it also benefited my Algebra I and II skills.  - Mary Grace Halt

“I learned how to do a lot of Math problems that I thought were difficult until he explained them.  Steering clear of the “bear traps” and how to handle the “2 Right to be Wrong problems should get me some more points on my score.  I learned so much in just one day.  Thanks!  - Christa Durden

“I think this class will help me get the score necessary for the college I’m going to on the Restricted Exchange problems alone.  - Jaysen Jones

“This SAT workshop was extremely helpful in improving my math skills and confidence on the Math section of the SAT.  The part that is going to help me most is the 2 Right to be Wrong problems.  Who would have though those could be so easy?  - Matt Bryant

“I’m a horrible test taker, but this course really helped me simplify the exam.  Everything was explained clearly, and my questions were all answered.  - Dilan Havird  

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