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Wouldn’t the SAT and ACT be easier, if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Wouldn’t the SAT & ACT be easier if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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More Testimonials from Workshop Students

¨ I walked into the workshop tired and expecting to sleep most of the time. I didn’t sleep at all, so I’m really tired now, but I’m much more prepared for the SAT. I’m confident my score will be higher. - Kayce VanPelt

¨ This workshop helped me realize that I can actually do problems that I thought to be impossible just a few hours earlier. What I learned today will MOST DEFINITELY help me on the SAT! Rylee Herrmann

¨ This workshop was great! Coach Wilson made every Math problem so simple to work. - Samuel McGill

¨ I am an intelligent student, but math is my weakest point. To be blunt, I absolutely suck at math, but now the questions are really ‘clicking.’ I know my SAT score will be great now! - Ashley Ritter

¨ With his help through the whole day, I know I will boost my points. I learned a lot of techniques that I’d never seen before. Easy way to do hard problems. - D’Andre Bell

¨ This class was really great. It helped and there are no changes I would make. - Kristin VanRynn

¨ I think the workshop really helped me to think about the SAT differently, and I know it will help me out a lot. - Haley Lindler

¨ This was a BIG help, and realizing it could be so easy was great. It was a ‘gianormous’ help! Thanks. - Zach Elkins

¨ This workshop will prepare anyone who is willing to pay for it. It’s worth the money I had to withdraw from my ‘piggy bank’ to take it. - Maya McCray

¨ You’re doing a great job with this stuff. I know you really helped me. - Dan Cokman

¨ I had a lot of fun in the workshop, and I learned a lot! - Savannah Sheehan

¨ He’s really cool, and a great teacher. I learned a lot of techniques that are going to help me on the SAT. One point: He’ll read the notes you pass to your boyfriend (OUTLOUD) - so be warned! - Lauren Goodwin

¨ Everything was very clear, and easy to remember, so it has really boosted my confidence. Patricia Steele

¨ This class really helped me understand the Math on the SAT. I’ve taken the SAT twice and I think it will help me improve my score. - Heather Redd

¨ I feel like I’ve learned new skills to use on my next SAT! - Mimi Davis

¨ You’re Great! Thanks! - Ashley Pope

¨ Coach Wilson was exceptionally good at teaching me a better method to operate. I also felt that his drive and enthusiasm to actually want to teach me made it easier for me to learn quicker than my normal speed. - Lorenzo Singleton

¨ Entertaining and helpful. $20 well spent! - Megan Murphy

¨ Well worth the amount of money I paid for the course. Coach Wilson was helpful, and fun. I learned more in this one day workshop than I have ALL YEAR LONG in my SAT/ACT prep class at school. - Branden Derrick

¨ After participating in this workshop, I feel prepared and ready for the SAT. It was a great review of some really important material. - Tatiana Rice

¨ I strongly advise this workshop to anyone that want to increase their SAT scores, and learn how to solve Math problems more quickly and efficiently. - Mykal Moore

¨ This class was great! Coming into it, I thought it was going to be just another day at school, but to my surprise, I made new friends, and learned a lot of powerful Math that will help me on the SAT! - Johnie Williams

¨ The workshop helped me see the problems I was having so much trouble with, and now I know what to do instead of freezing up like I normally do. - Brittni Foster

¨ The workshop helped me get a good math score the first time through, so I thought it’d be good to take it again. - Frank Townsend

¨ This class helped me to be prepared for the SAT. I feel much more prepared for the test now than when I took the SAT blindly. Thank you for all your help! - Brittany Mohn

¨ FACT: Coach Wilson is Captain America, and as such, he is a good teacher! I learned more about the SAT than I ever thought I could. - Brock McLeod

¨ This course is GOOD! - Natalie Cook

¨ This helped me a LOT! - Alexis McCoy

¨ The SAT Workshop made me much more confident about the SAT - especially the Math Section. Mr. (Coach) Wilson is a great teacher, and helped me so much. - Cody Harris

¨ Many of the math concepts that used to seem so hard to me were made very simple for me to understand. - Tommy Piper

¨ I enjoyed the workshop because it was not only extremely informative and helpful, but it was actually entertaining. - Savannah Strom

¨ He is very helpful, and he works well with all of the students. It was good. - Jonathan McBree

¨ The workshop is very helpful. It explained techniques that would make solving problems much easier. - Jolene Collins

¨ I believe the workshop will give me skills to solve problems faster than the traditional math system. - Brannon Collins

¨ With Mr. Wilson, I was able to learn more on how to organize data, and be able to recall it with ease. - Tyler Shealy

¨ I enjoyed the SAT Workshop because it was very informative. - Monica Overstreet

¨ He explains things really well, and teaches useful things. I understood everything pretty much. - Ashley Werner

¨ I really enjoyed the workshop and his teaching. Not boring at all! :) - Carrie Kelly

¨ This workshop was very enlightening. I think it will pay a key role in raising my SAT score. - Katheryn King

¨ The SAT workshop was interesting and informative. I think it will help me tremendously on the next test. - Lakin Godwin

¨ The SAT workshop was interesting and helpful :) - Taylor Turnbull

¨ The SAT workshop is a good way to improve your score. - Jackson Jones

¨ This workshop was an excellent course to take. I really learned a lot from it, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their SAT scores. - Owen Atkinson

¨ Yes this course was helpful, and I think it will benefit me on the SATs. Frances Bradshaw

¨ Very helpful and a relief. Teacher is very inspirational, and calmed my fears about the SAT by showing me how to work a lot of problems I’d seen on the SAT that I couldn’t do before. - Joshua Dominguez

¨ Question off the survey: “What was the most helpful think you learned in the workshop?” - All of it! I understand so much more now. - Tyler Dillinger

¨ Everything was great, and the simple math solutions really helped me. Has anyone ever told you that you look like ‘Jake’ from the Bachelorette? The ‘Ranger’ story was hilarious! - Kaity Papadopoulos

¨ This was one very helpful workshop! - Jessica Mears

¨ I really liked this class and it helped me a lot! - Katie Lewis

¨ I believe I learned some valuable techniques in this workshop. - Henry Wofford

¨ I really enjoyed the workshop, and I feel like it will benefit with me on the SAT this Saturday. Everything was really clear for the first time. - Andrea Picterse

¨ I’ve never been a ‘math girl,’ but this workshop has made everything so clear and easy to understand. All of it was helpful. - Jordan Presley

¨ I enjoyed this course! Would recommend it to anyone! - Darious Brown

¨ I’d never seen any of the techniques you talked about in the workshop, and I think they will really help. It makes me feel more confident to take the test next time. - Jordan Jones

¨ The thing I liked was he was able to show us the exact style of problems that he ‘thought’ we’d see on the SAT (‘Lingo,’ ‘Gizmo,’ ‘Restricted Exchange,’ ‘Open Exchange,’ etc.) and they were there on Saturday. It was a very good workshop, and I would recommend this workshop to anyone who struggled on the SAT. - Taylor King

¨ I believe that this workshop will help me very much on my SAT. - Rebecca Taylor Glass

¨ I think I will have a nearly ‘unfair’ advantage on the next SAT I take. - Ireland Morris

¨ The thing I liked most was the ways to continue repeating the same concepts in every math problem, no matter how difficult, so that all the problems were worked in the same way. It really helped me gain confidence, by ‘standardizing’ the steps to work every problems. I am very happy with this course! - Chamberlyn Scott

¨ This class was very interesting and helpful. I believe it will boost my score. - Jennifer Coker

¨ Great course Coach!~ I’d definitely recommend it to all my friends, and anyone wanting a higher score on the SAT. - Davis McCall

¨ Very informative. - Spencer Morgan

¨ The ‘Lingo’ is really going to help me! Now I’ll be able to understand the problems in a much better way. - Chris Kies

¨ Great and helpful workshop, especially for people who struggle with math. - Alexis Washington

¨ This was a great class, and I really learned a lot of helpful techniques for solving problems. Everything was great. - Kayla McCray

¨ I think this program is the best. The box method was so good because it helps me keep my work organized. Everything was clear to me too. I’m ready for my SAT’s on Saturday. - Shaquanna Reid

¨ I think that this SAT workshop taught me a lot! - Chyna Walker

¨ This was a good experience. I’m glad I did it. DaQuawn Holmes

¨ The workshop helped me a lot. I understand a lot more than I did before. - Kristen Beam

¨ The workshop really helped. I learned a lot. Thanks! - Bria Harriston

¨ I can do math! Lol The workshop was very helpful. I’m sure I’ll do much better on the SAT. - Sara Harden

¨ The teacher was so helpful, and I improved my SAT techniques. - Shaquilea McLean

¨ This was some in depth stuff. Quintia Fortner

¨ This was my first workshop, and I learned a lot. It was very educational . Learned lots of things. Andre’ Washington

¨ This will be very helpful to me because I can understand and breakdown the problems easily. It was great. - Kendall Rogers

¨ I believe this course will impact my score greatly. - Brooke Broome

¨ This was a very helpful, and I feel confident my SAT score will improve. - Ashlynn Stephenson

¨ The workshop was very helpful, I feel more comfortable about taking the SAT now, and I know I’ll have more time to work the problems because of the faster methods you taught. - Megan Corbin

¨ The workshop was great! - Bailey Sharp

¨ I learned a lot. Good teaching. - Samuel Douglas

¨ This was fun and educational at the same time. - Chris Jacobson

¨ The SAT workshop helped me a lot. I feel confident and ready for the SAT. - Jessica Florido

¨ I learned how to make the math questions a lot easier than I thought they could be. I think this will help a lot of other people too. - David Hales

¨ I think this workshop was very helpful with preparing for the actual test. - Stacia Stallings

¨ This workshop will help me do much better because now I understand how to work the problems that were causing so much trouble on the last SAT. - Kierra Bush

¨ I thought the workshop was good at teaching you how to make every problem the same. - Julie Radford

¨ I thought the workshop was great! I never would have been able to understand those questions if Coach Wilson had not explained them to me. - Victoria Jacks

¨ It was a great course, but it could have had some ‘powerpoint’ slides. Not many people still use overhead projectors, so it was cool to see that for awhile. - Taylor Carter

¨ I despise math, but this workshop gave me a better understanding of how to solve problems. - Jenny Gheen

¨ This seminar really helped me and I think I will get the 1200 I need on the SAT. - Shelby Weathersbee

¨ I learned things I had not known, and I would have been completely confused and lost on the SAT if I had not seen it before. It was well worth it. - Sara Lewis

¨ Very educational workshop with an interactive teacher. - Dakota Abrams

¨ Thank you for your help. You made the workshop fun and at the same time very beneficial. - Hannah McClure

¨ This was the best help I’ve ever gotten on the SAT. It was a great decision to choose this workshop over the other guy that used to come here. I highly recommend this. - Jesse Rinder

¨ This was a very helpful workshop. - Keith Gordon

¨ This was my second time through the workshop, and I learned even more this time. - Hastine Jennings

¨ This workshop not only taught me about Geometry for the SAT, but also my 11th grade geometry as well. - Austin Williamson

¨ I wish we’d spent more time covering functions, but it was still really good. - Watty Watford

¨ I could tell this guy knew what he was doing, and he actually helped me improve my SAT skill set. - Paige Zeigler

¨ This was my second time through the workshop, and seeing it the second time allowed me to learn even more than I did the first time through. - Brandi Miller

¨ I understand Coach Wilson’s explanations better than anyone else’s. - Jackson Faulling

¨ What’s not to love? It’s not boring, and it is helpful! - Chris Hughes

¨ This workshop was very helpful, and I know I’m going to use the techniques he taught on Saturday. - Katie Sutcliffe

¨ I learned a lot of math tips that are going to help me on the next SAT! - Erica Williams

¨ I love this class! - Sean Odom

¨ This class helped me understand how to easily work the problems that were absolutely killing me on the last SAT. - Tray Godowns

¨ This was my second workshop, and it was even more helpful than the first workshop I came to. - Thomas Sandifer

¨ This was a very helpful workshop, and I hope it helps me on the SAT. - Charlie Spradley

¨ This was a great learning experience. I’m glad my school got you in here. - Tiffany Ferguson

¨ It was really Great! I loved how it was so “hands on!” He was always coming around to make sure you were “getting it” and I learned a ton! - Grayson Webb

¨ Good Job Coach!! Thanks for helping me! - Chris Chaplin

¨ It was really good to go through this and be refreshed again ~ right before the SAT. - Caroline Ford

¨ I loved the workshop, and cannot wait until you come back next spring! Laura Andrews

¨ Coach Wilson. Good job today. I learned a lot. - Alex Rickens

¨ Coach Wilson this class really helped me in the Math, and I look forward to the spring class when we’ll be doing more Critical Reading. - Rachel Kitchings

¨ I tell you, this workshop clears up all the ‘fuzzy, confusing garbage’ and everything gets simpler. - Joshua Mosley

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